This is the first point that every mother can worry about, newborn baby breastfeeding. There are a number of common comments on this subject that raise a lot of questions about breastfeeding. The advantages and disadvantages, and even greater the guilt to which some women are subject to not being able to do it.

Certainly breast milk is the food that should allow the baby to develop healthy, at least the first three months of the newborn baby’s life, and extend it to six months. In addition to creating a strong bond between the mother and the newborn baby, it is the amount of defenses that it provides the baby against possible viruses. Although it is also true that there are women who cannot do it or do not want it and are in their right, there is artificial breast milk on the market, which does not have the aforementioned goods, but also allows the baby to grow healthy. Having said all this, do not change the doubts that arise when feeding it.

Does your baby cry because he is hungry?

Of course not, the way you should determine if your newborn baby is hungry is to know what time he/she ate the last time, usually if you gave him both breasts for 45 minutes or 1 hour, and he stayed asleep and does not suck more, is a sign that he is satisfied, and from that moment he has three more hours to return to breastfeed.

Should I wake him every three hours to feed him?

Not necessarily, as long as they are in a normal environment, they usually sleep at least two hours and three or four at most, usually a newborn baby sleeps throughout the day from 14 hours to 18, simply because the hours they will be awake he will grow and get stimulated. 

Feeding of the mother in lactation

You must have a food that is most balanced, eat everything at the right time, so as not to create anxiety in you; What you should avoid not to create in appetence, because it can change the taste of milk, are spices and garlic, otherwise all the food you consume you derive to him, all the level of vitamins and proteins needed for growth and development.

Does the newborn baby breastfeeding always take the same amount of milk?

Breast milk is usually less heavy than artificial milk, in most cases the manufacturer indicates the amount you should prepare by age and weight, you should guide it; And if you are a mother in a bottle, as mentioned above when breastfeeding almost always when they are satisfied stop sucking, you should get a fair amount in a small bottle of 60 cl. To 90 cl., And let him take as long as he totally stops sucking, it may be because he has fallen asleep or simply does not suck more.

Can the baby sleep without burping?

Usually it is the most time consuming during the moment of eating, because they fall asleep or do not find the way to put it to expel them. You should not lie down immediately, relax and put it in position like this between your chest and on the arm, smoothly pass the hand from bottom to top on his back, not tapping, just pass the hand, surely this would stimulate belching, This for about fifteen minutes, then lie down asleep, face up with a small side resting, with a small blanket you can do, and thus prevent drowning.

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