Baby’s room

There are many things you need to know before you immerse yourself in decorating your newborn baby room. Did you know, for example, that the colors on the walls influence your newborn baby behavior? And that the decoration does not have to be yellow, blue and red so your child is more awake?

Usually mothers choose the clothing of the cradle or the edge with a motif or design that inspires the rest of accessories of the room. Therefore, if parents choose pastels or primary colors, the goal is to create a harmonious environment in which everyone feels comfortable, not just the baby.

What color to choose?

Painting is an integral and economical part of the decorative process. Often the colors go with the rest of the scenes or schemes of the house, but they can also be a fun “break” in the house. Research shows that black and white are the first colors a baby recognizes, followed by primary colors (red, yellow and blue) and large shapes.

The brighter colors stimulate creativity and curiosity in the newborn baby room. But this does not mean that parents have to use them in everything. Adding them to details and accessories is enough. To choose the appropriate color of the walls you must consider the values that they promote, such as:

 Blue: Calm and serenity.

Purple or pink: Gentleness and charm.

Green: Natural and tranquilizer.

Yellow: Happy and sunny.

Red: Warm

A crib is more than a crib

When choosing a newborn baby crib you should consider the safety of the baby, as it is the place where you spend the most time and where most accidents occur. So make sure the crib has the following:

A mattress that fits well and perfectly, so the newborn baby cannot get caught in any way between the crib and the mattress.

Be careful with nuts, brackets and screws: make sure they are not loose or completely loose.

Check that the newborn baby crib bars do not have a space more than 2.30 inches (the width of a can of fizzy drink) so that the newborn baby body does not fit between them.

Also make sure they are not broken. No newborn baby crib design should include cuts or hollowed figures in the headboard where the child’s head can fit.

The corners of the cradle corners must not overlap in the upper part so, the baby’s clothing is snagged and the baby is in danger of being strangled.

Inspirational motifs 

There are a wide range of motifs, designs and themes available today so parents can really use their personal taste as a guide. More and more parents are choosing sophisticated designs and colors that often go with the rest of the house.

Among the items that you should consider include in the decoration are:

  • Blankets
  • Decorative wall strip
  • Cushion protector crib
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  • Wooden picture frames (or according to the grounds) 
  • Decorative Photo Album
  • Lamp
  • Musical bubble
  • Curtains
  • Wall organizer
  • Sideboard Corral 

Light blue, brown or green plaid designs; Soft pastels and modern prints of bears and animals are the trends that take the most to decorate the newborn baby room.

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