Baby stimulus

One of the best and almost unique ways to play with your newborn baby will be through stimulus response games, in which you have to show him various objects and sensations, and wait for his reactions. And, if- stunned staring into another person’s eyes is considered a reaction. Many newborn baby tend to recognize things easily from an early age, so it is advisable to stimulate them to continue developing them

The following games focus on sensory development:

The vision

The eyes of newborn baby can only focus on objects that are ten to twelve inches away from their faces, and cannot distinguish colors.

Shamrocks and Swords

Take a deck of cards and separate the clubs from the swords, then hold them in front of your newborn baby stimulus face. Slowly move the cards forward and backward, and mix them again. Show him a real color and see if his expression resembles that of poker players.

The audition

The auditory sense is fully developed in newborns, and it seems that they prefer to listen to high pitched voices, which presumably explains why people talk to babies in that tone of voice.

Tracking Sounds

Place yourself on one side of the newborn baby stimulus, wrinkle a bag, shake a can with nuts, and clink your keys until the baby turns his head to the side from which the sound comes; then repeat the procedure, placing on the other side.

The touch

Touch is the first sense that newborn baby begin to develop in the womb, and by the time it comes to birth, it is fully developed. Some areas are more sensitive than others; Being the same: the palm of the hands, the soles of the feet, and the area surrounding the mouth.

The Feeling of Textures

Gently rub different areas of your newborn baby stimulus skin, using objects of varying textures. You can use a soft and moistened bath sponge, a silk tie, the part containing the skin of a glove, and a bicycle inflator to be able to blow air on him / her.

The sense of smell

Newborn babies have a keen sense of smell, and during the first few days after birth they will begin to show distinctive preferences for the aroma of their mothers’ milk.

Making an Inventory of What Contains the Refrigerator

Take a handful of foods that give off a lot of odor and remove them from the refrigerator, the best choices could be: frozen cheese, onions, pickles, and fish; and then close them to your baby’s nose. Hope to see your reaction. If you are not sure that the yogurt is over, you could use the expression on your baby’s face to know the answer.


Your newborn baby stimulus taste buds will begin to develop in the womb, and will now show a distinct preference for sweet, rather than citrus, flavors. But since babies can only be fed by drinking breast milk or formula milk for about six months, you should restrain their urge to suck up some lemon.

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