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Have you ever wondered what kind of developments has your newborn baby the first month?

Babies are called newborn babies during their first month of life. Although the newborn baby sleeps a lot, there are significant changes in the five major areas of development.

Physical development. Watching your newborn baby grow in size is part of the fun of being brand new parents. Do not be alarmed if your newborn baby lowers some weight shortly after birth. This weight usually recovers within 10 to 12 days. Most newborn babies increase from about 4 ounces (113 g) to 8 ounces (227 g) a week, and grow about 1 inch to 1.5 inches for the first month.

Cognitive development. Cognition is the ability to think, to learn and to remember. The newborn baby brain develops rapidly. You will stimulate healthy newborn baby brain growth each time you interact positively with your baby.

Emotional and social development. Newborn babies learn to communicate quickly. They seek to interact with you and express how they feel with sounds and facial expressions. At first, instinctive behaviors, such as crying when you feel uncomfortable, are your baby’s ways of expressing his needs. Soon, your newborn baby will begin to communicate subtly and interact with you. For example, your baby’s eyes will follow his movements. And his face will light up when he ponders and speaks sweetly. Even when you only have a few days, your baby might try to imitate him when he pulls out his tongue.

Language development. Your newborn baby listens to and absorbs the basic and characteristic sounds of language. This process forms the basis of speech.

Development of sensory and motor skills. Newborns have all five senses. Your newborn quickly learns to recognize his face, the sound of his voice and his smell. The sense of touch of your newborn baby is very developed, especially around the mouth. Your baby also has a strong sense of smell. 

After a few days, your newborn will hear quite well, and the response to sharp and loud sounds will be very evident. Your newborn baby brain recognizes and prefers sweet tastes, not sour, bitter or salty flavors. The vision develops rapidly, but it is thought to be the weakest sense. Motor skills develop as your baby’s muscles and nerves work together. The movements are mostly controlled by reflexes, like the search reflex, which is when a newborn baby turns his head and “looks” with his mouth what touched him. When the baby is alert, he clenches his fists tightly.

The most important way to help your newborn baby grow and develop is by communicating with him. Use a sharp voice and give delicate caresses, hugs and kisses. An environment rich in stimuli, comfort and love promotes many areas of a newborn baby development. Research shows that babies who are spoken to in the early years often learn language skills more easily than those who do not. Newborn babies are more interested in their caregivers than in toys or other objects.

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