Baby gift

The arrival to the world of a newborn baby always goes to one accompanied by gifts. Many friends often entertain a baby with something special, which they also do to mom and dad. If it is time to choose a newborn baby gift for your grandchild, your nephew, your cousin … take good note of the suggestions and proposals for the baby just born.

When it comes to getting the newborn baby gift chosen, it is necessary to consider the age, sex and needs of the newborn baby in the family context, since it is not the same to be the first-born, as the first child or child, or to be part of The family saga behind other brothers of the same sex.

If you have confidence with the parents, ask them about their needs and, in this way, you will make sure to give something useful and not to repeat. It is worth consulting about what you do not yet have, although some parents prefer the surprise. In this list of options, you can find some useful ideas to help you when you are buying the newborn baby gift.

That said, there is a list of practical and original newborn baby gift:

1. Clothes: walking, sleeping, bathing … according to the season and the age of the baby.

2. Accessories for feeding: highchairs, bibs, unbreakable sets of utensils (glasses, cups, plates, cutlery).

3. Bathroom accessories: portable, fixed, folding bathtubs, baby bath trunks, plush bathing layers.

4. Accessories for the trip: homologated safety seats for the car, games and dolls for the car, cervical cushions.

5. Accessories for the decoration of the baby’s room (ask the parents about the colors): holders, pictures, lamps, etc.

The decoration of the baby’s room requires the separate chapter but, if you choose a single vinyl for the walls, you can help the parents with the decoration. It is an original, beautiful gift that will last for many years.

6. Baskets and covers for baby products and accessories.

7. Toys: colorful mobiles and various dolls, soft music for the baby, music boxes to hang in the crib, rattles, teddies, girly games or toys for boys, etc. It is very useful to also give away toys for when the baby has some months more For example:

– For babies from 5 to 8 months, gyms can be given.

– For babies from 9 to 12 months, toys with sounds, cubes and laces, balls, towers, joggers, etc.

8. A baby shower: the most daring can organize a party to offer gifts to the mother when she is recovered, or maybe before the baby is born. 

9. Breastfeeding accessories: devices and products to facilitate breastfeeding, as well as baby feeding bottles, it is never enough to have a lot of baby bottles for the parents. 

10. Accessories for transport and transportation: carts, baby carrier covers and backpacks, shelter covers for parasols, umbrellas, awnings, raincoats.

11. A diaper cake: a personalized gift that can be prepared at home and that will undoubtedly be of great use.

Those were some ideas that can help you to decide what to buy, hope this newborn baby gift ideas can help you.

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