Baby father

We have already seen the importance of the father in the different stages, from pregnancy through childbirth and lactation. And we also want to stop in the role of the father in the postpartum with the newborn baby.

This is the postpartum of a very delicate stage for the recent mother, in which she will need help for acts as basic as going to the bathroom or holding her baby, especially in the immediate postpartum. That’s why the first thing a newborn baby father can do is help the mom feel physically better.

Help her to walk, get up in bed, bring the baby closer … And the first contacts with the newborn baby will not only be a recognition for Dad, you will also have to deal with changing the diaper or the bathroom while the mother cannot do it.

Hopefully there is luck and from the beginning you can take care of both of these issues, because they are unforgettable moments thanks to those who know a little more our newborn baby. That’s why it’s not just a matter of having Dad take care of the baby’s hygiene.

Formerly, when pregnancy, childbirth, and childbearing were women’s issues, newborn baby father was excluded, and other women were taking care of the baby while Mom could not. Fortunately, this has changed and the newborn baby father is almost never a passive element, he does not want to stay out of it.

We also have something to say on the subject of visits, sometimes not so welcome. Organizes the postpartum visits according to the needs and wishes of the mother, since at this stage the desire for intimacy is normal (also to share our joy, but this can be expected in many cases).

For the newborn baby father this is not much change from their usual routine, but others will need a period of “adaptation” and even some “private lessons.” During pregnancy, you can worry about how your home works.

In addition, the role of the newborn baby father in the immediate postpartum is important to ensure that the baby does not stay in the “nest, nursery or nursery,” which serve no purpose and cause babies to cry more with unnecessary separation. If the mom needs rest, with the dad and the baby next door is also possible.

Newborn baby father thinks that the mother and the baby are very much needed at the moment, and above all he will not find herself 100% to take care of the house. Everything that we can provide to the mother will be welcome.

All these tips will help prevent the baby blues, a state of sadness of the mother against which the father can act. We also prevent postpartum depression if the mother feels accompanied, understood, helped, and supported.

In short, the general recommendation is that the newborn baby father has to spend as much time as possible with his wife and baby in the postpartum, since both need it. Of course, you can also take care of all the videos and photos in these unforgettable and unforgettable moments.

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