Baby diaper

We have all heard or read the statement “The skin is the largest organ of the human body”. As every organ has a function to fulfill, in my opinion, one of the most important is: to cover and protect the rest of membranes, organs, bones, tissues that are in our body and like the rest of these organs needs special care with products created with the intention of improving it and making it increasingly resistant.

Another very important aspect of the skin is that it is the most exposed and exposed organ of the body, which makes it vulnerable to irritations, acne, spots, aging, lines of expression and other signs of abuse.

The skin of each individual is different in color, texture, resistance and delicacy, some skins need more care than others, such care varies from the time we are a newborn baby, we move to adolescence and adulthood.

That care must be very precise when it comes to the skin of the smallest of the house, our newborn babies. One of the most delicate skins, soft, smooth, that we never tire of caressing, sensitive and that we all want to keep forever. Newborn baby‘s skin has added values:

  • It means the first contact with their parents,
  • It is temperature regulator
  • It is the main defense against bacteria and toxic agents

Because newborn babies are developing and adapting to the environment, their skin should receive constant care as it is very sensitive to saliva, urine, feces, food and changes in climates, because it is so important we must take care of it, here are some recommendations:

  • Keep your newborn baby‘s skin always moisturized.
  • Wash with neutral Ph soaps
  • Do not expose the skin to very strong sun rays.
  • Use sunscreen according to your age
  • Wash your hands to touch the baby
  • Take care of the folds and keep them dry
  • Prefers cotton clothing
  • Change the diaper frequently
  • Use protective creams before placing the diaper.

These tips will help keep your baby’s skin healthy and in optimal condition, however, it is very common for infants up to two years of age to have irritations in the diaper area, which is known as Diapering.

The newborn baby diaperitis appears like a redness in the genital zone similar to a salpullidlo, being able to get to bleed when it is very strong and durable. It is uncomfortable and painful for the newborn baby diaperitis, distressing for the parents; Is a common condition but requires immediate attention, otherwise it can become infected with poor health.

  • Recommendations for preventing newborn baby diaperitis:
  • Remove baby’s urine and feces as soon as possible
  • Dry the genital area well before placing the diaper
  • Avoid using wet towels with alcohol
  • Try to keep it as long as possible.

Recommendations for healing: 

  • Go to the pediatrician to recommend some creams, most of them are rich in zinc that helps to heal
  • While this irritated he uses cloth diapers

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