Baby crying

We will all have heard some parents say that their newborn baby crying constantly and does not let them rest well. We see those parents tired, wanting to sleep, but at the same time worried about their little one, since it does not seem normal for the newborn to spend the day without stopping crying.

There are a number of reasons why your newborn baby crying all day long and you should know them so that you can be calmer and at the same time be able to help your newborn so that he is too. We tell you why there are babies who cry all day and what are the causes that can cause this constant crying are.

The worst in these cases is that you do not know why the newborn baby spends the day and night in constant crying. Unfortunately, he still cannot talk to tell us what’s wrong and parents feel helpless. Not only can they not help their little one, they also believe that there is something they are not doing well, so the child is imbued with constant crying.

My newborn baby crying all day

The first thing we need to know is how much it is normal for a newborn baby crying. Even if you are not a parent, you will know that not all children are the same and that a newborn baby can cry more than when six months have passed. So it is normal that during your first five months of life cry more than you will as you grow older and learn to communicate with words instead of crying.

It is important that you tell your pediatrician as soon as possible if you think the newborn baby ‘s crying is caused by any discomfort or illness. As it will not be easy at first to identify the way to cry for each occasion, it is better to consult a professional to get out of doubt and make sure that the health of our little one is perfectly.


Since crying is the only mode of oral communication that newborns have, they will use crying not only when it hurts something, but also when they are hungry, thirsty or dirty diaper. Therefore, when the newborn baby cries we should always check that the time for eating, the diaper is clean and that nothing has happened or has any illness.

Once these first essential problems are solved, another type of crying is presented, many times, for reasons unknown to us. The first of them may be because the baby doesn’t rest well, neither for the day nor for the night. So the little one feels totally tired and restless since his body asks him to rest all the hours that he should rest. Perhaps the room in which she sleeps is too cold or hot and the newborn baby is not comfortable. There are many parents who believe that the newborn baby can sleep wherever and whenever, regardless of noise or light. However, this is not entirely true, since the vast majority of children will need a space of tranquility and well-being to be able to rest properly.

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