Baby cough

Newborn baby do not yet have all the defenses developed as adults, so they are much more likely to get colds and coughs.

When the newborn baby cough, especially if it is nocturnal cough and dry, not only is very annoying for the Newborn baby, but also affects the rest of the family. What can be done to calm the newborn babycough? Do you have to act differently if it is a dry cough? What if he only has a newborn baby cough at night? When talking about treating cough, reference is made to make it more bearable, since it is difficult to eliminate it. In fact, cough is a defense mechanism, which is best kept to discover the causes that cause it and thus, be able to treat it. There are some ways to calm these symptoms at home, these tips can help you get out of some troubles, but remember that whenever you have any warning symptoms you should take your child to the pediatrician as soon as possible since no one better knows what the treatment is suitable

The most effective remedies

Clean his nose. If your newborn baby cold, you should clean your newborn baby nose with a sterile physiological solution or sea water, and aspirate the mucus with a specific vacuum cleaner, which you will find in pharmacies.

Offer him plenty fluids. Ideally, supplement your newborn baby diet with water, milk, and fruit juices. If the organism is well hydrated, the mucous membranes dry less.

Humidify your room. You can do it with a humidifier. Moisture has a protective effect on the mucosa. In contrast, the hot, dry air produced by heating is counterproductive to the mucous membranes.

Calming the cough with steam. Or you can nebulize your newborn baby or follow this home trick. To make steam your baby easily, an alternative is to open the hot water faucet in the bathroom with the door closed and when the room is full of steam in the air, enter your baby and stay there with him for several Minutes so that he can breathe this vapor that will be of great help to calm his cough.

No smoking at home. This rule you should always respect. It is not good to smoke in the rooms where the baby is or even in the home. Today, in addition, you can count on many types of help to stop smoking.

Less milk and more fluids. If you notice that your newborn baby has a lot of coughing try not to give him as much milk as this causes the mucus to increase. But anyway you should give him plenty of water so he will not dehydrate.

There are some very effective home remedies, like the classic onion trick. It is a trick known to many moms and works very well and consists of putting a cut onion near the child when they sleep. The allylic acid vapors emanating from the open onion have proven to be a good cough relief.

Take the pediatrician. If the newborn baby cough, it is always advisable to visit the pediatrician. He will tell you if you should give the child some syrup or other medications by mouth or inhalation (aerosol).

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