Baby bath

Experts recommend that the first newborn baby bath should be only with sponge or cotton cloth moistened with warm water, wiping face, behind the ears, folds of the neck and armpits and the entire diaper area. Likewise, the use of soap is not essential, although if desired, it can be used a little in liquid presentation with neutral pH.

The bath tub or by immersion in warm water for the baby should be done once the remnants of the umbilical cord have come off and the navel has healed completely and healthy.

Sponge bath for the baby, step by step 

This is the way to keep the newborn baby bath clean during the first 2 to 3 weeks of life, especially to avoid wetting the area of ​​the umbilical cord, which is in the process of healing. Here is a step-by-step procedure for sponge bathing for the newborn: Gather all the necessary utensils and materials before starting the bath:

– Bath sponge or cotton cloth

– Ointment (petroleum jelly)

– Warm water

– Towel

– Cotton Compresses

– A clean change of clothes

– Baby shower mat

– Clean diaper

– Alcohol

– Sterile gauze

• Prepare a small bowl of warm water.

• Lay the newborn on a baby’s cushion, either on the changing table or on the bed.

• Keep your baby clothed only with a towel or light cotton blanket to prevent excessive cooling during bathing.

• Clean your baby from head to toe through the sponge or cotton cloth, moistened in warm water. Wash one part of the body at a time, without rubbing too much the delicate skin of the little one; Dry and continues.

• Use two wet cotton swabs, only in water, to clean your eyes (one for each eye); Wiping out from the end closest to the nose.

• Cleans the groin area; Always from your genitals to the anus.

• Uses cotton swab soaked in alcohol to clean the healing of the navel, especially at the base of the wound; Dry very well.

• If your baby has been circumcised, keep the wound moisturized and protected from the urine by covering it with a gauze or cotton swab.

• Avoid wetting your baby’s penis or umbilical scar until it has healed.

• Cover the baby in the towel immediately after this process, to avoid exposing too much to the cold, and to suffer a cold.

• Remember that the newborn baby bath should be short, lasting approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

In order to avoid infections and further complications that could expose the umbilical wound to the moisture provided by a bath, it should be performed up to 4 weeks after the baby’s navel has completely healed.

To carry out this type of newborn baby’s toilet should be used a newborn baby bath tub, with anti-slip device or support for newborn and liquid soap, bath gel or body shampoo with neutral pH, for the child’s special use.

It should also be brief, with warm water in room with pleasant temperature and free of drafts. It is recommended to wash the newborn baby’s head first and then keep it dry to prevent it from starting to trite by cooling.

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