Babies in summer

Newborn babies are especially sensitive to temperature changes. This summer, take measures so that the heat does not affect to your baby’s health and that you avoid the headaches with trips to the pediatrician by some mistake or ignorance.

The thermoregulatory system of newborn babies has not developed yet properly when they come into the world, making them vulnerable to cold and heat. But, tranquility, because in only two or three days will have matured.

In the first hours of life 

At birth, the baby does not produce heat and is very easy to lose. A newborn baby does not have the capacity to contract the muscles, to shiver, and also does not have an active metabolism that provokes those chemical reactions. In addition, their body surface exposed to the environment is high. Therefore, he tends to curl up so as not to expose to the air the central part of its body, the gut, the abdomen, etc. 

Another mechanism to prevent heat loss is vasoconstriction, which is to send less blood to the skin. But this mechanism is also not mature in newborn babies, so they depend on the attentions provided by adults. Your child needs more shelter than an older child, especially if it is a newborn baby premature. It will suffice to put one more layer of clothing that an adult puts on.

Some advices

These simple measures will help you avoid overheating.

Maintain an ambient temperature in the house between 21 ºC and 23 ºC and take advantage of the fresh hours of the day and avoiding the central ones.

If the newborn baby is exclusively breastfeeding, you have to breastfeed on demand. You can also give him some water. Sweat helps regulate the temperature, and an infant sweats more if his or her body has water availability.

Try to dress the baby in comfortable clothes, not dress with sweaters that can give even more heat and make him feel uncomfortable; ideally the baby should wear light cotton clothes so he could feel comfortable.

Always check the diaper area, with the heat, remember that the diaper is thermal and that the baby can suffer from irritation by it.

If there is a lot of wind, try not to get the baby out. The baby can have sunbathe but do it maximum 30 minutes in the morning.

Do not forget that in summer it can also cool. Avoid long baths in the sea or in the pool.

Here are some other tips for you to be aware of:

The newborn baby should have a temperature between 35.5 ° C and 37 ° C. If he exceeds that number and also shows tremor, irritability, lethargy or numbness, and has the face more red than normal, your child has an excess of heat. Remove some clothing and take it to a cool place. If, when doing so, he / she remains decayed, little reactive, and with a high temperature, you have to take him to the doctor. He will value whether it is a feverish peak due to some viral or bacterial process, or a heat stroke.

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