Babies and pets

Many people still have the belief that dogs, cats, birds and other pets are harmful to the newborn baby since it is in the womb and even more so when he is at home living with them directly.

There are diseases that have stigmatized cats such as toxoplasmosis and others that border the owner to get rid of his cat and start a chain of neglect that usually ends very badly for the cat, the dog is not saved from this.

It has been believed for years that dog or cat hairs, even feathers of a bird, can cause problems in the pregnant and therefore in the newborn baby, unless an allergy to these species has been demonstrated, this is unlikely. Allergies are not directly to hairs or feathers, they are in the proteins found in saliva, dandruff (skin flaking) or urine of an animal.

The hairs of the dog and the cat, because of the diameter and length they have, is very difficult to be inhaled and taken to the lungs and cause disease. What can get to the lungs are dried and pulverized feces that are not collected for a long time and their remains can be inhaled, but this can easily be avoided by maintaining good hygiene. So during pregnancy, if you maintain good hygiene, the newborn baby is not endangered by your pets.

Once your newborn baby comes home, you have to keep some things in mind:

Your pet:

You may feel jealous of the newcomer. That’s why we must prepare it from months before the birth so that the changes do not turn abrupt, newborn baby sounds, stroll with the stroller, etc.

It is important for the parent or another person to be more concerned about the animal because the mother will have less time when the newborn baby arrives.

If the pet sleeps in your room and wish to change it to another room when the newborn arrives, we must get accustomed to the new place.

You should allow the dog to smell your baby’s used clothes first, and then to smell your baby covering his face (the baby’s immune system will not yet fully mature), the approach must be progressive so the dog becomes familiar with the baby.

Some veterinarians skilled in canine behavior suggest that several months before the date of delivery arrives; You should “play” with a doll, pretending to have a baby so your dog will acclimatize to the new family dynamics. The newborn baby pets will notice when you change the baby, feed him, sing him, and lie down to sleep. 

Once installed at home, we recommend not leaving your dog or cat alone with the baby, at least for the first few months since, as they are still being known, their behavior can be unpredictable, we do not recommend that you sleep in your crib with the baby, as they can scratch or crush him accidentally.

As your newborn baby grow it is important to keep them in constant observation because the baby can hurt the pet and incite him with his behavior to have a violent reaction in self defense, to avoid bites and scratches should be taught both, the animal and the baby to respect each other from the beginning.

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