Babies eyes

Just born, one of the first things parents look at is the newborn babies eyes color. They have a bluish-gray color, but the color is likely to vary over the months to have its final color.

Newborn babies with brown eyes will either remain that color or turn black, but newborn babies eyeswhose color is indefinite (they may look gray or light blue or dark blue) will begin to be defined between six months and the year.

Why does the color of the newborn babies eyes change?

It is not that the color of eyes changes, but it is defined. The iris is the colored part of the eye and melanin is the substance responsible for giving color to the iris, as well as to the skin and hair. In the newborn baby, melanin-producing cells are still immature and are producing melanin gradually coloring the eyes as the newborn baby grows and the cells mature. That is why the newborn babies eyes may be blue but at six months they are black.

There is no precise rule about the color of eyes that the baby will have depending on the color with which they are born; Depends on the genetic inheritance of each person inherited from their parents. There is also no genetic law that indicates what color of eyes the baby will have depending on the color of the parents. Although there are greater or lesser probabilities, the genetics are very capricious. The same parents have both brown eyes and the baby could be born with tremendous blue eyes.

Also keep in mind that eye color is linked to skin color and race and there is a tendency for dark eyes to dominate over the clear. However, if there is a strong genetic tendency in the family to have clear eyes, it is very likely that the baby will also inherit them.

When to define eye color in newborn babies?

There is also no generalized rule about when the baby acquires its true or definite eye color. It is a process that occurs in each baby individually, such as the rate at which your hair grows, for example. In some babies, the color of eyes they have at six months is the same color they will have for the rest of their lives, while in others they do not. In some the color defines five months while in others just a year or more.

What I mean is that in some children the color is not defined until the year or even the two years. Much depends on the family’s inheritance and the color of the baby’s skin. Light skin with little melanin is related to light eyes (blue, gray or green), while skin with a lot of melanin is related to dark eyes (brown or black).

The generality is after five or six months that they start to define the eye color and that around two years and their final color. However, although the base color will not change, can still be modified slightly in intensity and shades.

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